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Pizza Rack
Proscuitto Pizza


Choose 5 pizzas from our menu for your party. Prices start at $24 per head for 2 hours of unlimited pizzas for a minimum of 50 people. We will supply a pizza cook with oven to cook pizzas fresh on site for your function. We can cater for smaller gatherings, just email or call to discuss.


Gluten free and vegan options are available. 


Waiting staff are available for an additional cost.


Margherita (V)

Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes & Herbs on a Tomato base and garnished with fresh Basil.

Ham & Pineapple

Mozzarella Cheese, Shaved Ham & Fresh cut Pineapple on a Tomato base.

BBQ Meat Deluxe

Mozzarella Cheese, Meatballs, Pepperoni, Shaved Ham, Red Onion on a BBQ sauce base.

Vegetarian Supreme (V)

Mozzarella Cheese, Olives, Artichoke, Roasted Capsicum, Red Onion, Mushrooms on a tomato base with a Basil pesto aioli.

BBQ Chicken

Mozzarella Cheese, House Cooked Chicken, Mushrooms, Red Onions & Shallots on a BBQ base.

Supreme Mushroom & Caramelized Onion (V)

Mozzarella Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms Sauteed in  butter, Tomato base with Balsamic Vinegar, Goats Cheese & Rocket

Pulled Pork

Mozzarella Cheese, Shredded Pork & Caramelised Onions on a BBQ base topped with Fresh Pear & Garlic Aioli.

Prosciutto and Parmesan

Thinly Sliced Prosciutto, Tomatoes & Garlic on a Tomato base, garnished with Shaved Parmesan & Wild Rocket.


Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Red Onions, Chilli, Green Capsicum on a Tomato base.

Love a Duck

Marinated Duck Breast, Shallots, on a Tomato & Hoisin Base, garnished with Sesame Seeds, Fresh Chopped Chilli and Rocket.

Cheesy As (V)

Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Bocconcini Cheese on a Tomato Sauce base garnished with Fresh Basil and Herbs.

Roasted Pumpkin (V)

Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Pumpkin, Pine Nuts on a Tomato Base garnished with Basil.

Garlic & Cheese Pizza (V)

Mozzarella cheese with Garlic.


Dessert Pizzas


Blueberry Dessert

Blueberry jam, mozzarella cheese, fresh blueberries, cream cheese and cinnamon.

Triple Choc Dessert

Nutella, milk chocolate, white chocolate topped with marshmallows.


Gluten Free Bases Available.


Wood Oven pizza Fire
Pineapple cut
Wood Oven Pizza: Product

"I used Caterers of Adelaide for a recent function for 40 guests and the food was superb. I was nervous about booking a caterer without trying the food first, but Leigh reassured me that we would love it and we absolutely did. Fantastic work. The food was fresh, delicious and had everyone wanting for more. The service was exceptional. Thank you for everything!" Adam Oliver, Telstra 

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